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The Ultimate Cook’s Kitchen

Posted on: April 19, 2011

If you cook and entertain often and need a more efficient kitchen to fit your lifestyle, the perfect chef’s kitchen design is just what you need! Though the ultimate chef’s kitchen relies on functionality rather than beauty, it’s not impossible to have a kitchen that’s both efficient and beautiful – with the right design.

In a chef’s kitchen design, there are a few aspects to focus on to facilitate total functionality and convenience. These aspects include layout, surfaces/material, sinks and storage (cabinets, drawers, etc).

Layout in a Chef’s Kitchen Design

The ultimate chef’s kitchen design doesn’t necessarily have to be spacious but it should feature what’s known as the “open work triangle.” Think of it this way – the overall layout of the workspace in your kitchen should be laid out roughly like a triangle, where the three tips represent three significant kitchen functions – the cooking range, the refrigerator and the sink. With the ultimate cook’s kitchen design (and any efficient kitchen design), there is easy movement between these three areas, as they aren’t spaced very far apart. Several different layouts work well in creating the work triangle; popular ones include the U-shaped or horseshoe layout, L-shaped layout and small L-shaped layout with a kitchen island (which contains the oven/hob or sink) and more.

If you don’t have a whole lot of space in your kitchen but don’t want to add a new addition, don’t worry. Galley and smaller kitchens actually work well, as the fridge, cooking range and sink tend to be fairly close together and are usually in a work triangle layout.

Surfaces and Materials in a Chef’s Kitchen Design

When it comes to the materials used in the ultimate chef’s kitchen design, think efficient rather than exquisite – just don’t rule out exquisite! You can still have a gorgeous kitchen, but convenience is the number one priority in kitchen design for serious cooks.

Stainless steel is ideal, as it is durable and easy to clean. Surfaces for your countertops and floor should also be low-maintenance – plastic laminate and quartz are good materials to use. Plastic laminate is resistant to stains and grease and can hide scratches fairly easily, while quartz countertops provide the sophisticated look of granite without the maintenance that granite requires. Stainless steel, plastic laminate and quartz are just a few of the viable options – there are plenty of materials to choose from, but it’s best to stick with durable and low-maintenance countertops and of course, non-slip floors!

Sinks in a Chef’s Kitchen Design

While some chefs prefer having more than one sink, one deep, large sink can suffice in a kitchen designed for serious cooks. But if you want two sinks, go for it! One sink can be used for prep and the other can be used entirely for clean up – this makes for a nice, convenient setup.

The depth of the sinks, rather than the number of sinks, is what really matters, though. When food goes flying or water splashes up, deep sinks are handy. As for the material, stainless steel is a great choice because of its durability and low maintenance.

Storage in a Chef’s Kitchen Design

Efficient storage is one of the most important aspects of the ultimate cook’s kitchen! Utilizing large cabinets and drawers is one way of creating easy storage space – everyday tools should be highly accessible. Possible storage ideas include:

  • Large cabinets (glass-faced cabinets are elegant and offer further simplicity by directly exposing the contents inside)
  • Stacked drawers (handy and don’t take up much room)
  • Hanging pot racks (great for a rustic look and provides easy access to your pots and pans)
  • Built-in shelves made from durable material – it might be worth seeing if you want to buy a aluminium flat bar to use as shelving (beneath your countertops)

Keep in mind that a chef’s kitchen thrives on convenience and efficiency. With the right layout, surfaces, sinks and storage, even if your kitchen design isn’t ideal, a simple remodel can transform the room into the ultimate cook’s kitchen! And with a design from Jack Rosen, your Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC kitchen will be fully functional and beautiful! Contact our award-winning designers today to learn more or visit our showroom in Rockville!

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