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Choosing a Kitchen Sink

Posted on: June 11, 2019

A kitchen sink may seem like a minor detail during a kitchen renovation, but since you’ll be using it daily, it is important to choose the best one to fit your usage patterns, kitchen style, and personal tastes. With hundreds of premanufactured choices available as well as endless custom options, this can be a challenge. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a kitchen sink:

Size & Shape

If you prefer to wash most of your dishes by hand, a deep dual-bowl sink is often the best choice. With typical depths of eight to 10 inches, and either a 60/40 split or a 50/50 split, a dual bowl sink offers one bowl for washing and one for rinsing, or one for soaking while washing and rinsing in the other. Triple-bowl sinks add even more flexibility, often with a smaller, dedicated bowl for the Best Garbage Disposal. If you primarily use a dishwasher, a large, single bowl sink may be the best choice, with plenty of room to pre-soak large pans or a complete load of dishes.

Choosing kitchen sinks with rounded corners and edges often makes cleaning them easier, while D-shaped sinks offer more flexibility for oddly-shaped items, along with easier cleaning than straight-sided sinks.

Mounting Style

Countertop sinks offer a fast, hassle-free installation, especially in counters made from materials like granite or stone that are more difficult to work with. They simply drop into the opening from above, are secured from below, and are sealed with a bead of caulk between the lip of the sink and the countertop. A disadvantage of this type of sink is that dirt and grime can accumulate under the lip, and the raised edge makes cleaning the counters more difficult. For a cleaner installation that can match your countertop, consider an undermount sink. Installed from below the counter, undermount sinks feature a smooth, lip-free edge that does not catch dirt and makes wiping food particles from the counter to the garbage disposal easy. You can get in touch with a plumbing service similar to Dependable Rooter & Plumbing ( or a more local service to you that could help ensure that your sink runs without issues giving you the countertop sink you want.

If you prefer a classic or vintage look, choose a farmhouse sink. Instead of mounting in the center of the countertop, hidden from view, farmhouse sinks extend to the front of the cabinets, proudly displaying the sink with a modified base cabinet below. Farmhouse sinks offer more room for washing dishes or preparing food, along with a distinct style that sets your kitchen apart.

Material & Finish

Stainless steel sinks are extremely popular for their clean, modern looks, their long-term durability, and how easy they are to keep clean, with a finish that resists stains and damage. If you do not like the color or look of stainless steel, an enamel sink may be a great alternative, and they are available in many styles and colors while providing similar strength and performance to stainless steel sinks.

For an attractive, custom look, consider a stone or granite composite undermount sink. They can blend in completely with your countertop for a seamless appearance, or they can offer a pleasing contrast with solid colors. Stone or granite sinks require occasional maintenance and greater care to avoid damage, but their superior aesthetics make them an excellent option.

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