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Custom Closet Organization Design Tips

Posted on: January 28, 2011

When many people think about how to design a custom closet, the hardest part is often just knowing where to start. There are so many options to choose from when designing custom closet organization solutions that just knowing what you want can be a challenge, and when your closet is full of clothes it can be even harder to see your space’s true potential. Fortunately, designing and organizing custom closets is much easier to do if you take a deep breath, step back and take stock of exactly what you need.

Custom Closet Layout Design

The first thing to do when thinking about custom closet organization is to measure your closet walls and make a sketch of your closet layout on paper. This way you can think about your custom closet organization design with a clear mind and without the distraction of your current space.

Once you have your closet sketched out, it is time to start thinking about what the perfect custom closet organization and design would look like. Include long hanging sections for garments like dresses and long coats and shorter hanging sections for shorter articles like shirts.  Perhaps you want to double up the short hanging sections – one on top of the other – effectively doubling your short garment hanging space.  Or maybe, when you add shorter hanging sections, consider installing shelves or drawers above them for truly custom closet organization to suit your individual needs. When designing custom closet shelves, make sure to leave at least a foot of space between the top shelf and the ceiling – this will give you ample storage room above your custom closet organization system where you can put things (that are used less frequently) like shoes, small boxes, folded items, seasonal clothing and bags or luggage.

How do you know where to put things when you are designing your custom closet? It’s simple: the best designs are those that suit your exact needs. Think about your daily routine – what items do you use most often? Design your custom closet such that the items you use most frequently are closest to you! This will not only help speed up your morning routine but will also be helpful when putting away laundry and dry cleaning.

Custom Closet Shelving & Drawers

Carefully design your custom closet shelving and drawers so that you get the most functionality out of them. Another helpful tip – if you want to place hanging sections and shelves or drawers in the same area of the closet, make sure you put the shelves above the hanging sections. This will ensure that the hanging clothes will not cast shadows on the items in the drawers and you will be able to see them much more clearly. When you are designing custom closet drawers, make sure they are sized specifically for the clothes and items that will be going in them. There is nothing worse than having to fold your sweaters in some strange fashion just to fit them into an improperly sized drawer. Deep drawers, which are perfect for heavy items like sweaters and blankets, tend to swallow up smaller items like folded shirts, shorts or underwear. Conversely, shallow drawers are perfect for very small items such as undergarments, socks and running gear .

Make sure you have enough space to walk in your custom closet! Most custom closet shelving units are 12”-14” deep, but most clothes items extend about 17”-20” from the wall. This is an important consideration – especially if you have a long, narrow closet. For example, if your walk-in closet is only four feet wide and you want to design a custom closet system with clothes hanging on both sides, this will only give you about 10” of walking space! If this is your situation, consider a more functional design with shelving units and drawers on one side of your custom closet and hanging sections on the other side. Also remember that drawers tend to extend out about two to three feet when you open them – make sure you have enough room to stand comfortably in front of them and easily access everything inside of them.

As a final consideration, remember, it’s very easy to forget what you have in your closet if you can’t see it. When you are thinking about your custom closet design, make sure you can see all your belongings, especially items that you wear frequently.

Designing a custom closet organization solution can greatly increase the form and function of your closet, and is a must for many large walk-in closets. If you have custom closet design ideas for your Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC home and want an award winning  custom closet design company to help you turn them into reality, call Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens today!

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