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What’s Trending in East Coast Kitchen Design? Natural, Open Spaces, Bold Color Choices, and a Blend of Old and New

Posted on: May 21, 2015

Textured backsplash with antique stove

Just like the living room or any other part of your house (including your exterior – so things like your roof and gutter!), your kitchen needs updating from time to time to keep up with the “now.” Your kitchen is the heart of the home, however, whilst it’s a good idea to update your kitchen to make it up-to-date. You should make sure that you don’t neglect other parts of your house. You want your whole house to feel perfect, so even hiring a gutter cleaning company (like this Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Oklahoma City company) twice a year will help your house feel clean and fresh throughout the year. You have to make sure that you can look after your whole house and not just your kitchen. If you can do all that, then great. You can now update your kitchen to something amazing!

Are you short of ideas on how to remodel your kitchen and maintain that high-end luxurious feeling? Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens is ready to give your kitchen a superb makeover, with the help of our award-winning kitchen designers.

Contemporary kitchen design changes with the trends of the time. Right now, the trend is to blend old and new-stainless steel appliances with traditional stone countertops or antique fixtures with minimalist custom cabinets. Read on for 5 more of the East Coast trends you’ve GOT to try for your kitchen remodel design!

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5 Top Trends in Kitchen Design

1. Open Shelving

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
Open shelving is making it big on the East Coast, with many homes in the Washington, DC area taking advantage of this storage and décor solution. Not only does open shelving let you show off your stylish dishware, it turns once-empty walls into suitable storage space perfect for the smaller kitchens in condos and rowhouses.

2. Texture

Modern Kitchen Walls
More and more kitchens in DC, Maryland and the Northern Virginia suburbs are turning to touch-me textures in the kitchen. This includes textured backsplashes, ceilings, and countertops. Washington, DC metro area residents are leaning towards natural marble and granite in honed finishes as well as engineered stone made to look like the raw product. A return to the natural will be big throughout 2015 as more and more homes turn to environmentally-friendly ways of living.

3. Gray blended with dark green

Bold color choices are in, and we like gray and green the best for East Coast kitchen design. A return to the natural is big this year, and gray gives that modern feel mixed with the natural shades of green. Often, gray is made to dominate in most parts of the kitchen such as the tiles, walls, cabinet, roof, and counter tops. The green hue can then be blended in small proportions within the gray color.

If going au natural isn’t for you, you can use a different color, provided it is not too bright. You can include other contemporary designs as well as color palettes, depending on the available additional designs.

4. Technology in the kitchen

Dark Colors in Kitchen
It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Technology is rapidly changing our kitchens into smart rooms that respond to us. If you still have kitchen desks, you can have them upgraded into a beautiful technology hub with updated outlets and USB ports. You can even integrate a wireless charging station! I hear that Houston tile installer can provide some useful information on how to incorporate some fantastic tiles into your technologically driven kitchen.

Besides using your laptop and other electronic gadgets, you can also incorporate the smart home technology in your kitchen design. You can now use a remote to control your oven and microwave. There are also smart refrigerators that monitor the level of different food stuffs like milk in the kitchen. It is also easy to modify temperatures in the kitchen differently in order to store wine.

5. Kitchen cabinets refaced with veneers

A big trend in kitchen design on the East Coast is changing the look of custom cabinetry without replacing the whole thing. A veneer is a less than 3 mm slice of material that is available in different colors, designs and textures. Veneers are found in form of real wood or plastic laminates. While wood veneers are more expensive than plastic laminates, plastic laminates are moisture-resistant.

If wood is to be used as veneers, it must be sealed in order to avoid moisture entering the cabinets. Before refacing your cabinets with veneers, ensure that the cabinet boxes have their frames in position.

Want more kitchen design trends? Keep up with our blog or get your very own trendy kitchen with Jack Rosen!

The advantage of working with Jack Rosen is that our kitchen design process results in an environment that balances personality, lifestyle and architecture – one that is uniquely yours in terms of style and design. From concept to completion, working with one of our talented kitchen designers is effortless and the results priceless. Extraordinary has never been more attainable with a kitchen design from Jack Rosen! Contact us today for a consultation!

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