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How to Easily Reduce Clutter in Your Potomac Home Office

Posted on: January 12, 2017

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No homeowner that is graced with a home office in Potomac, MD would deny the usefulness, or even necessity, of the space. However those same people can tell you just how easily a home office can become an unproductive, clutter-laden source of stress. This year, don’t allow a lack of organization to hamper your progress! The team at Jack Rosen is here, and today we will lay out how you can attain that perfect, mess-free home office.

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level with the addition of custom home office cabinets in Potomac? Contact our design team today to schedule your consultation!

Organizing Your Potomac Home Office for the New Year

Organization tends to be one of those things that is much harder to begin than it is to actually execute. So today let our team help you get started with these easy steps that will get the ball rolling:

  • Start with a plan. It is always many, many times simpler to take action when you know exactly what actions need to take place. Take stock of your home office. Identify troublesome areas, and formulate a list of to-dos, such as tackling excessive paperwork, or finding a place for loose items.
  • Clear away the unnecessary. Office spaces in Potomac are often home to important papers and records, but they also fall prey to “tossing”, where junk mail and loose, errant papers find a home. Root these out, and rid yourself of all of them. Hopefully you’ll soon realise that the process of de-cluttering doesn’t have to be as difficult as you thought and you don’t have to make any quick decisions.
  • Begin labelling. Labelling is the key to long-term effective storage, and also helps you to stop accumulating that unnecessary mess we mentioned before. There should be labels for drawers that hold stationery, file cabinets and which files attend them, and a label for your “incoming” items waiting to be sorted. You can easily do this by looking into these portable label printers so you can carry around your little portable printer as you go along, or you can use the set up printer you have ready in your office or elsewhere.
  • Bolster your storage. It is absolutely vital that there be a place for everything. If you find yourself lacking space for storage, consider adding vertical storage with shelving, or you can pursue a remodel or custom cabinetry, which we will discuss further.

Home Office Cabinets in Potomac

Storage can be a considerable challenge, even for a larger office space (sometimes even especially for these larger spaces). But know that you are not limited to “standard” cabinets and metal storage bins. Custom home office cabinets in Potomac can be made to set into walls, or can be used to create perfect storage solutions around your desk. If you’re looking for guidance on how exactly to go about building your custom solution, our design team happens to excel on the topic!

Interested in learning more about custom home office cabinets for your Potomac, Maryland home? If so, our design team stands ready to assist, bringing you the best products and services to meet your every unique need. Contact us today to learn more, or to begin your consultation!

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