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Small to Spectacular: Small Kitchen Remodeling

Posted on: March 30, 2011

If you’re always looking for ways to make your small kitchen feel more spacious, you’ve come to the right place. It’s sometimes surprising how different a kitchen remodel can make your kitchen look and feel. When it comes to small kitchen remodeling, the key is maximizing the space you have and using particular effects to make your kitchen appear more open and spacious!

In the case of kitchen design, the old saying, “bigger is better” does not apply! Small kitchens can be absolutely beautiful with the right material, lighting and colors.

When planning for a small kitchen remodel, there are a couple of main features to focus on:

  • Lighting
  • Storage
  • Walls and floors

Lighting in a Small Kitchen Remodel

Lighting is important in kitchen design and even more so when it comes to small kitchen remodel projects. There is almost nothing better at diminishing a sense of space than insufficient lighting. Make sure you use lots of natural and artificial lighting. Many prefer natural light to artificial, but the more lighting overall, the better! Fortunately, there are many electrical companies that specialize in home lighting and repair that can help you add a little extra light to your kitchen with some helpful upgrades or repairs.

Large windows are optimal in a small kitchen remodel, because they serve two purposes: they allow for a lot of natural light and incorporate the landscape behind them, drawing it right into your kitchen!

Lights that are installed over your kitchen cabinets make your cabinets appear higher by creating an illusion of expanded space above them. They also exude softer ambiance for a spacious, elegant appearance.

Storage in a Small Kitchen Remodel

Efficient storage maximizes the limited space and can also provide visual interest. Adding extra glass-faced or frosted glass cabinets – or even open shelving – contribute to a more spacious, open feel.

If you’re still struggling to save cabinet space, you’ll have to get creative! Hang pots and pans from a ceiling rack or try multiple roll-out drawers stacked vertically. Both of these options offer tactful, efficient storage. You can also install deeper countertops to increase your work area and provide more space for appliances.

No matter how small your kitchen is, smart storage and reducing clutter are crucial to getting the most out of your space. If you decide a clear out is the way to go, think about getting a junk removal company to help get rid of the clutter for you. There isn’t much that’s more effective at creating an airy and open look than glass-faced cabinets!

Walls and Floors in a Small Kitchen Remodel

Think light, light and more light! Dark colors – black, brown, dark orange and red – can complement the style of certain kitchens, but in a small kitchen remodel, it’s a good idea to focus on lighter shades. Light colors generally make a room appear larger. White, cream, tan and light yellow are viable options for your walls and floor. Even painting your cabinets white or another lighter shade can create a sense of space!

Additional Tips for a Small Kitchen Remodel

There are several little things you can do to achieve a more open feel in your small kitchen. Open floor plans are great at creating space – you may want to consider taking down a wall if you have an adjoining dining room.

When it comes to saving space, you may not have considered kitchen appliances, but there a couple that might pleasantly surprise you! Drawer dishwashers take up only as much room as a cabinet and are commonly used for lighter loads.

If you are frustrated with a kitchen that always feel cluttered, don’t give up yet! It’s not impossible to transform your small kitchen into a space that looks and feels spacious and open. If you are interested in a small kitchen remodel in your Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC home, call the kitchen designers at Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens today!

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