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Thanksgiving Kitchen Tips for Your Olney Home

Posted on: November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving kitchen tips

One of the greatest joys in having the kitchen of your dreams is to share it with friends and family as the holidays roll around. Are you planning on hosting a Thanksgiving event this year in your Olney kitchen? Our specialists thought it would be a nice change of pace to bring you some tips this month, aimed at providing you ideas for hosting a successful and memorable Thanksgiving event.

Thanksgiving Tips: Aesthetically Speaking

Many of the colors and designs associated with Thanksgiving tend to be muted, and occasionally dull. This absolutely does not need to be the case! With the right approach, and a few inventive touches, your Thanksgiving kitchen design can pop in all the right ways.

  • Splash of squash. One of the more variable aspects of November design, gourds, squash and similar plants can provide your kitchen with a slew of unique and appealing visual cues. They are practically endless in color, shape and size. Mix and match, and build your kitchen around this gorgeous fall theme.
  • Keep down the clutter. This tip serves a twofold purpose. It can be tempting to pile every heirloom, holiday decoration and shiny bauble you possess on your kitchen countertops. Please, please avoid this. Not only does it shrink your space, and make it a stress to look at, all of these small items will add up to a clutter that makes it virtually impossible to accomplish any cooking or entertaining.

Practical Tips for Practical Chefs

Thanksgiving is all about parading a virtually endless train of delectable dishes. You love it, your family and friends love it, even the experts at Jack Rosen love it. But, as we all know, the cooking process can dissolve into madness rather quickly. Here are a few ideas aimed at keeping the stress in your holiday kitchen down.

  • Prep (Mise en place, if you’re feeling fancy). Nothing is worse than juggling twenty dishes at once. Peeling potatoes while you attempt to saute carrots, check the ham and macerate cranberries is a surefire road to burnt food and hair pulling. Before any of the actual cooking begin, prep everything you can beforehand. Any peeling, chopping, blanching and sauce prep should be done before anything hits fire. Use tupperware to preserve your prepped items, and use them as the need arises.
  • Be ready for scraps. As you cook, the pile of trash and useless bits can spiral into an unmanageable clutter very quickly. Have vessels designated for trash and scraps ready and waiting, where you can place vegetable peels, wrappers and discarded twine quickly. These can all be funneled into the trash when the cooking becomes manageable.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Kitchen in Olney

At Jack Rosen, we pride ourselves on custom cabinetry, gorgeous kitchen design and peerless service. In addition, we hope these tips will serve to help you have the holidays of your dreams this season in your Thanksgiving kitchen. Break out the cider, prep the turkey, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, from our family to yours!

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