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Custom Cabinets for Wet Bars in DC, MD & VA

Remodeled wet bar in a basement, with light floors, dark wood shelving, cabinetry, and island, dark granite countertops, and dark wood stools at the island.Finding the perfect amenities and designs to suit your Maryland home can sometimes pose a challenge. Design is exceptionally fluid, unique to every individual, and the sheer variety can seem overwhelming.

But for the discerning homeowner looking for that just right addition, the design specialists at Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens recommend wet bars.

Custom wet bar cabinets simultaneously add function and appeal, offering you an opportunity to tie your home space together with a gorgeous and useful piece.

Wet bars have been a major part of luxury home design for a long time, and our design experts are proud to help you choose the wet bar design that suits your personality and unique tastes perfectly.

Contact us online or call 301-363-4064 for custom wet bar cabinets in the DC metro area.

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What Are Wet Bars?

Wet bar with dark wood cabinets and storage, light granite countertop and backsplash, small sink, wood floors, and recessed lighting.Unfamiliar with the term? It’s not surprising, as many homeowners simply never consider the option. A wet bar is an entertainment piece; a small bar that includes a sink installation for easy cleaning and drink mixing.

Wet bars are an excellent addition for homeowners with an eye for luxury or for those who love to entertain guests.

Wet bars vary in size and design, from a bare-bones space that features a sink and some storage for a small added function to exceptionally intricate designs that can be a primary focus in rooms for entertaining.

Having a full wet bar in the basement is a common addition to homes in the Greater DC area.

Interested in custom wet bar cabinets? Let Jack Rosen help create the bar area of your dreams — call 301-363-4064 to get started.

Custom Wet Bar Cabinets & Design

Custom means a lot more than simply “more quality.” A custom wet bar and other custom cabinet features allow the homeowner to get exactly what they’re dreaming of, no exceptions. With the help and guidance of our seasoned experts, you can find the wet bar design that adds to your space and completes it.

The material and design of your custom wet bar can come in virtually any shape or style. With the guidance of the Jack Rosen design team, you can choose:

  • Color
  • Stain
  • Type of wood
  • Style
  • Size
  • Door design, assuming you choose storage in or on your wet bar
  • Hardware and fixtures

Custom Wet Bar Manufacturers

At Jack Rosen, our primary focus has always been to provide the best options available. This goes for our services and extends to our manufacturers as well.

When the team at Jack Rosen chooses a manufacturer, we choose them for their reputation, quality, and dedication. That’s why we’re proud to provide custom solutions from Elmwood and RUTT.

These manufacturers are industry leaders in quality, dependability, and consumer satisfaction. For your wet bar needs, you’ll find no one greater.

Call Jack Rosen at 301-363-4064 or contact us online for your custom wet bar cabinets today.

Custom Wet Bar Cabinet Installation

Are you looking for a wet bar installation for your home that’s second to none? Or perhaps you already have a wet bar but want to upgrade to a beautiful custom option.

Regardless of your needs, the experts at Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens can provide. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed expectations; we’ve been doing it for decades.

Contact Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens today at 301-363-4064 to learn more or schedule your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wet Bars

What differentiates a wet bar from a dry bar?

A wet bar is a dry bar with a sink added. It really boils down to the addition of plumbing. Once installed, the sink makes it easy to rinse glasses and keep the party going for as long as you’d like.

What should a wet bar include?

The best wet bars feature sufficient storage for glasses, tumblers, mixers, and other barware. You’ll also want storage for your favorite beers, liquor, wine, etc.

Ideally, you’ll want to include a refrigerator or wine chiller to get the drinks nice and cold before the party starts. If beer is your beverage of choice, consider adding a kegerator or taps into your wet bar design.

Where could a wet bar be installed?

You want your wet bar where you plan to entertain guests. Our clients typically install their wet bar beside home theaters, near pool tables, on the deck, or in outdoor kitchens. The key to choosing the best place is determining where your guests typically congregate and relax when they visit.

Does a wet bar add value to the home?

Wet bars can add value to your home by making it a more attractive space to entertain friends and family. However, the real value is the many years of enjoyment and the memories you’ll make when your loved ones visit. This makes it an invaluable investment that will pay dividends long after you sell your home.

How big should my wet bar be?

Consider how many guests you typically entertain. If it’s usually just a few people, then choose a smaller design. However, if you’re the neighbor hosting the Super Bowl party, office holiday party, or family gatherings every year, then a larger wet bar will provide plenty of space for everyone.

Don’t assume that you’ll entertain more or less than you currently do throughout the year if you install the wet bar. Plan on it staying about the same as your current schedule.

Still have questions about wet bar design? Call 301-363-4064, and we’ll give you the answers you need to design the wet bar of your dreams.

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