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There is a reason why the design experts at Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens prize kitchen cabinetry so highly. No other area of your home is more versatile yet space-defining. The range of materials is nearly limitless, and kitchens provide a wonderful opportunity to blend design and function seamlessly to create something unique. This quality can, of course, present some issues as well. Kitchen design is abundantly diverse, which means making decisions and attempting to create the perfect dream kitchen may seem daunting.

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Four Styles of Kitchen Cabinetry Design

Classic Kitchen Cabinetry

Classic Kitchen Cabinet Design

Never mistake the term classic for “old” or drab.” Classic kitchen design is timeless, allowing for decisions that allow malleability while still providing a solid base to decorate and design around. Classic kitchen cabinets may:

  • Feature stark contrasts. White is a common feature of classic cabinets, as they allow for statements to be made with bold countertops or appliances. This makes a traditional kitchen really pop and feel comfortable while remaining highly functional.
  • Highly versatile design. By choosing soft, solid-color cabinets you allow for a design that can evolve over time, along with your tastes or even the seasons.
  • Ornate details. Carved designs, rounded or detailed edges, and other eye-catching features make classic cabinetry beautiful and intricate to look at.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Design

Many of us are familiar with the term “rustic.” It is often set off by broad, earthy tones and a sense of comfort that is unmatched with any other style. To create a custom cabinet design suited to rustic, consider:

  • Choosing a deep, woody appearance. Natural wood tones are right at home in a rustic kitchen. Utilize traditional woods like oak or teak, or go a little more off the beaten path with cherry or  The result is a gorgeous design that flawlessly creates a homey feel.
  • Utilizing stone. Stone countertops fit seamlessly into a rustic design and add a lot of function as well. Additionally, they can make quite a statement, featuring as a centerpiece all their own.
  • Farmhouse sinks and tables. Large, deep sinks and farmhouse tables are staples of a rustic design. Choose cabinets that complement the warm, comfortable feel of a rustic kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

A modern kitchen is sleek, streamlined, and aims for a higher level of function. A favorite of those who spend much of their time cooking and need large amounts of clean, free space and smart design. For your modern cabinets, think about:

  • Frameless cabinets. A frameless cabinet is ideal for a clean, even surface that creates a visually appealing space for those who prefer consistency. Frameless cabinets provide plenty of free space, and allow for a lot of organization.
  • Seek straight lines. If using wood for your cabinets, utilize wood that allows a natural, one-way grain. Oak serves well here, as well as walnut.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Design

Contemporary is often confused with modern, and in many ways, they are somewhat interchangeable. The difference lies in contemporary’s somewhat “fusion” status. It features high-function and simple design that can also seamless incorporate other designs and plays well with them. For contemporary cabinets, you want to consider your space as a whole, and they are often designed after the overall design is chosen. Contemporary goes will with:

  • Trendy styles. Old designs used in new ways or something that juxtaposes well against other kitchen styles is perfect for contemporary cabinetry.

Install Custom Cabinetry in Montgomery County, MD

Our custom design team is proud to provide the cabinets and kitchen remodeling services that suit your dream kitchen seamlessly. If you’re ready to install custom kitchen cabinets at your home in Maryland or the DC metro area, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.

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