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Best Countertops for Your Maryland or Washington, DC Country Kitchen Remodel

Posted on: September 28, 2015


If you want a custom kitchen, then transforming your cooking space into a country design can bring a lot of warmth to your kitchen. Country kitchens speak of comfort; that cozy and inviting feel that appeals to so many homeowners as of late. The rise in popularity is entirely warranted, as it blends function and design seamlessly. A country kitchen remodel provides you with a kitchen space that suits your needs as well as displaying loads of personality.

How to begin your country kitchen remodel should begin at the countertops. Choosing the correct material will determine exactly what feel you’re going for, as well as provide the focus for the rest of your design. Choosing this fulcrum of your kitchen space may seem a bit overwhelming, as your options are many. But with the assistance of the specialists at Jack Rosen, we hope the remodel will feel less like a task, and more like an exciting event.

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Choosing Your Country Kitchen Countertops

Generally speaking, a country kitchen aims for a more rustic appearance, incorporating strong, earthy tones and stressed or deep materials such as wood or stone. And while you need not feel compelled to stick with the standard, they are indeed standards for a reason.


Wood offers excellent quality, both in appearance and durability. And it is highly versatile, coming in a wide variety of hues and finishes. From ash and walnut, to cherry and oak, options abound. This wide base of materials may feel overmuch, but consider how you wish your countertops to tie into your kitchen and the decision becomes much simpler.

We loved the DC-area remodeling project we did (above) with a warm wooden island countertop that gave a cozy, rustic-country feel to the kitchen.


Stone offers similar versatility to wood, with many different types available. Quartz, marble and granite can all be exceptional options, particularly for the homeowner who wishes for a country kitchen that doesn’t feel too country.


This may seem odd, as it is a bit of a departure from “standard” country kitchen appearances. But we assure you, metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and copper in particular may all have a place in your kitchen remodel. These work great as accents to your design, adding a flair and functionality to your countertops.

Your Own Country Kitchen Style

The most wonderful aspect of a country kitchen remodel is that the goal is to create a kitchen that is not a page from a homeowner’s magazine, but is a reflection of the residents of your personal tastes. Black cabinets with a distressed finish, butcher’s-block countertops, planked surfaces and deep, cozy tones are all possible in your country kitchen, but the choice primarily resides with you.

Country Kitchen Remodel in Maryland

The professionals at Jack Rosen are here to provide a helping hand, assisting you in getting the custom cabinetry that matches your dreams. We provide the very best quality in kitchen cabinetry, and would take great pride in helping you build your Olney kitchen to your tastes. For more information on our custom cabinetry, visit us online. And for more tips, ideas and design guides, keep an eye on our blog in the future.

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