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Picking the Right Color Palette for Your New Kitchen Design in McLean

Posted on: September 15, 2016

kitchen design with dark wood cabinets

New kitchen design is extremely exciting. A homeowner is given a blank slate to transform into something wholly unique. A space that is customized entirely around everything that makes your home yours. But that’s not to say the process can’t come with some challenges. Struggling with choosing the right color palette for your new kitchen design? The seasoned team at Jack Rosen may be able to help.

It is our endless goal and personal joy to help Mclean homeowners find the perfect design and build solutions. When you’re having trouble finding the perfect colors to match your desires, we can put our experience and skill at your disposal!

“Textbook” Palette Decisions


These methods utilize time-tested and designer approved methods of determining color palettes and themes. They aren’t particularly bold but they are very safe, providing you with a good, solid place to begin your choosing.

  • Lighter as you go up. Using a deep or dark color for floors, a moderate and slightly lighter color for countertops, appliances, and cabinetry, and a much lighter color for your ceiling and border is a great way to go. This method mimics how we see colors found outdoors and tends to feel very comfortable as a palette choice.
  • Use a focal point. Choose the one thing you really want to take the lead in your design. It may be a granite countertop, or perhaps a handsome set of cherry wood cabinets. By establishing a baseline focal point you can easily choose colors and designs that comfortably match.
  • Use of contrasting colors. For a crisp, snappy sort of design, choose colors that contrast naturally like the photo above. This can be done with, say, white cabinetry against black appliances, or contrasting floor and countertop colors. This makes your new kitchen design feel very fresh and clean, and tends to feel very natural to our eyes.

Imaginative Design


If you’re in the market for something a bit more eye-catching, or want a more unique option for your home design, consider these slightly more outlandish design options:

  • Tint and shade. Playing with the same color using different tints (color+white) and shades (color+black) can add a lot of really refreshing design appeal. Try variations of red (like the photo above) for a very loud, passionate kitchen, or perhaps tints and shades of yellow for a new-age style country kitchen.
  • Vintage kitchen color. When we’re thinking vintage, we recall those soft blue or green cabinets juxtaposed against yellow or eggshell walls. Vintage kitchens are very fun these days, and the contrast between old-school design and modern appliances can make for a very eye-grabbing kitchen.

New Kitchen Design with Jack Rosen in McLean

At Jack Rosen, It is our top goal to help you create the kitchen design of your dreams, and we’ll do all we can to provide the information you need to make it happen! Want to know a bit more about our kitchen design options? Contact Jack Rosen today!

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