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Spotlight: Open Concept Kitchens

Posted on: May 26, 2016

opebn concept contemporary kitchen design with white cabinets

In modern and contemporary home designs, the idea of an open-concept kitchen has gained major footing in recent years. These designs allow for greater home fluidity, and have a tendency to create an inviting and warm space, even in your high-tech home. Additionally, an open concept kitchen can allow for a massive number of unique and appealing design ideas that would otherwise be difficult, if not outright impossible.

At Jack Rosen, it is our ceaseless wish to provide our patrons with the absolute best in custom design and cabinetry. Open concept kitchens in Washington, DC can provide the new flair and custom changes you’ve been dreaming of!

What Is an Open-Concept Kitchen?

rustic kitchen design with an open concept

This design seeks to seamlessly blend living space with your kitchen area. This is most often, and most commonly achieved by opening up the adjacent living or dining room to create one large, cohesive space. This can be done by simply removing obstructing walls, or you can seek and entire custom solution through remodeling to create the space you envision.

Open concept kitchens in Washington, DC are lauded as a simple, effective method of making your home more comfortable, and adding ease in social situations or building better family community.

Open-Concept Kitchen Designs

When it comes to design, your options are nigh-limitless. But if you’re looking for some of our favorites, or a bit of direction…

  • Flawless blending. With a blended open-concept kitchen, you seek to choose a color and material scheme that is rich, inviting, and uniform throughout the entire space of your living and dining area. This method often appeals to homeowners that choose luxurious designs (Chandeliers, fireplace designs, etc.).
  • Complementary styles and colors. For those who are a touch more daring, or prefer a bit of cohesive variety, a complementary design method may be the perfect solution. With this choice, you seek to choose color schemes and materials that vary, but play well together. The result is a visually-inspiring space that can be geared for playful style, or smart angles and functional materials.
  • Juxtaposing design. For those who like a bit of challenge, you may seek juxtaposed designs that are unique to the dining area and kitchen The goal is to create two distinct areas that nevertheless create an exciting, beautiful design that flows well. This can be difficult to pull off, so we would highly recommend the assistance of a professional design team. However, despite the potential difficulty, the reward here can be some of the most gorgeous open-concept kitchens our team has ever seen.

Open Concept Kitchens in Washington, DC with Jack Rosen

No matter your goals, our team at Jack Rosen is dedicated to providing the custom cabinetry and designs you desire most. We proudly serve our Maryland, DC, and Virginia patrons, and would love the opportunity to create the open-concept design of your dreams! For more information, or to set a meeting, contact us today!

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