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Spring into Your New Kitchen Remodel with These Design Trends

Posted on: March 9, 2018

Spring Kitchen Design Trends

With the spring season finally deciding to make an appearance, you might be feeling a bit inspired. We are, too! The turning of a season marks the perfect time for a change of scenery, and spring particularly tends to get our creativity engines running at full speed.

Considering making some changes to your kitchen this spring? Maybe something simple, or maybe even a complete remodel project? Our team is happy to say that we’re ready to help! Follow along with the lead design team at Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens while we talk about what’s trending this year.

5 Spring Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

1. Colors are looking a bit different.

We wouldn’t go so far as to say colors are getting simpler, but they are getting considerably more streamlined, which is a trend that has been going on for many years now. Florals and standard pastels are out. Instead, homeowners are looking to brighter accents paired with white or earthy wooden custom cabinetry. This makes the space look cleaner, more open, and decidedly more spring.

2. When it comes to appliances, modern is the way to go.

With the holidays firmly behind us, homeowners find spring to be the perfect time to update old, weak appliances. In particular, smart home technology is making a very strong showing. Items like wi-fi or app-connected ovens and ranges are very popular, as well as motion- or presence-activated water fixtures. As for color, most are preferring standard black or sleek, modern steel—occasionally even brushed metal. This way, they look nice and clean, and they don’t interrupt the flow of your space or color scheme.

3. Many homeowners are updating storage with custom solutions.

There’s likely no kitchen out there that doesn’t suffer from a lack of space. This, in turn, creates chaos in a space built for enjoyment, relaxation, and cooking. Chaotic space doesn’t suit these activities, and homeowners are taking note of this. The pursuit of custom-made cabinetry and modified cabinets is becoming nearly standard now, helping you create a neat and organized kitchen ready for springtime decorating.

4. Contemporary seems to be the most popular choice.

While there has been a major rush to modernize kitchen spaces with more streamlined color schemes and higher-grade appliances, homeowners clearly don’t want to lose those last vestiges of a “comfortable” kitchen space. This leads many to pursue more of a blend of rustic and modern, landing them squarely in the contemporary direction. This way, you get your smart-looking tools and sleek quartz countertops, but you also get to enjoy pleasant wood flooring and maybe a rich wood—like cherry—for your cabinets.

5. Kitchens are opening up.

That idyllic breakfast with the family on an early spring morning has never faded away. However, since many homes don’t really have the space to accommodate a full dining area, plenty of homeowners are opting to open up their kitchen space to mesh the two areas. This not only saves space, but it also creates a pleasant openness that many are finding more than agreeable.

Kitchen Design & Custom Cabinetry in MD, DC & Northern VA

Getting excited about your spring kitchen makeover? Get in touch with the specialists at Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens today! Our design specialists are on standby and ready to help. If you’re looking for even further inspiration, be sure to come see us at our showroom!

Contact us online or call 301-363-4064 to schedule a design consultation and get started on your kitchen remodel today!

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