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Prefab or Custom? The Deciding Factor for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets in Olney

Posted on: July 17, 2015

When considering updating or remodeling your Olney kitchen space, you’ll likely hear a lot of push and pull about going “custom”. This could be from manufacturers, designers, or even just some neighbors with high opinions. But the experts here at Jack Rosen decided it would be better to take the time to explain in detail why custom kitchen cabinetry is the right move. We’re staunch believers in giving our customers the best we can muster in quality and service, and we feel an educated buyer is always a happier buyer.

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Why Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

Many homeowners in Olney may be attracted to the cheap price for prefabricated cabinets, but you get what you pay for—cheap cabinets.

The reasons for moving to custom cabinets are myriad, but we would like to focus on two major points in particular. One, the sheer versatility (see “custom”) available in custom cabinets, and two, the focus on quality.

What “Custom” Means

When the word custom is thrown around, it can begin to sound a bit like a whole bunch of fluff, which can in turn make you lose the true meaning of what is being said. When we say custom designs are versatile, what we mean is:

  • Unique builds.Regardless of where you intend to place the cabinetry, be it kitchen, dining or utility, custom cabinets can be made exactly to your specifications. That means no unnecessary filler, no uneven fittings, and no wasted material.
  • Add-ons. Are you looking for a build that allows for extra storage? Or maybe something that offers a unique solution to a unique problem, such as lighting or filling a bothersome bare space. With custom cabinets you can achieve all of this.
  • Details. Details include the color, finish, shape, size and materials used. All of these are variable in custom cabinetry, making the days of rifling through twenty plus catalogs for something thatsort of suits your needs obsolete.

What Quality Truly Means

Quality isn’t just a word to be thrown around at a fancy get-together. Or rather, it shouldn’t be. Quality isn’t a measure of personal worth, nor is it about showing off. Quality is about having cabinets that won’t fall apart, break, bend, warp, or need to be replaced anytime soon. It’s about creating a piece that will be with you for generations, and can handle all of your needs for a lifetime—if the craftsman is truly good, many lifetimes.

Custom Cabinet Brands in Olney We Adore

There are tons of wonderful custom cabinet brands available in Olney, MD, many of which you can trust to build something you can be proud of. But the professionals at Jack Rosen trust Elmwood and Rutt. Through our relationship with these great builders we have come to trust everything they create, and we know you’ll fall in love with their work, just as we have.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Olney Homes

Allow us the honor of helping you create the custom cabinet solution of your dreams. The experts at Jack Rosen are ready and equipped, bringing years of experience and an urge to please. Contact us today for more information on custom cabinets in Olney, and keep up with our blog for more custom design ideas!

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