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Traditional Vs. Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: July 19, 2017

When considering new kitchen cabinets or a kitchen remodel project, the first thing you want to decide is the type of kitchen design. Some people like to have an open plan kitchen leading from their staircase. If you’re like most homeowners, you might feel stuck trying to match your cabinetry with your island counter—when it comes to custom cabinets, there are countless possibilities, and with home design mostly being a subjective topic it can be easy to get lost in it all.

Want to understand the basic differences between a traditional and modern kitchen cabinet design? Follow along with the design team at Jack Rosen to find out.

Why Defining Decor Style is Complex

We touched on it slightly above when we said that design is mostly subjective. The thing is that your project is singularly yours, and while working with a design team can help you get what you want from your kitchen’s new look, ultimately it’s about what you want.

Distinctions between “traditional” or “modern,” or even “contemporary” are important, but are often blended to great effect. With your home design always choose what look you love most!

Defining Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

traditonal kitchen cabinets

A traditional kitchen cabinet design is one that embraces not only past designs, but also flourishes with organic and flowing overall feelings. Cabinets that are traditional often make use of rich, deep wood tones like mahogany or cherry, and tend to incorporate slopes, curves, and easy edges as opposed to a modern design’s sharper edges.

Both plain or natural textures are often used, frequently in addition to brass knobs or handles and occasionally incorporating carving into the overall design. Traditional is often paired with the word “rustic”, and while overall we would consider these two somewhat separate, there is merit to the images this draws to mind.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

modern kitchen cabinets, modern custom cabinets that are white

Modern kitchens tend to edge more toward functionality, offering tons of usable storage space and very user-friendly countertops. Design is typically sleek, using hard edges and economical design to make the cabinets feel more compact and “set in place.”

Many materials are used in modern design, from wood to metal, and even to incorporating a considerable measure of glass. We would tend to say modern kitchens are very functional, and great for a busier kitchen (with a frequent cook in the house).

Your Dream Kitchen Starts Here

Custom Cabinets and Cabinet Design in Olney with Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens

Do keep in mind that these descriptions are for the most part cursory. Exploring the difference between traditional and modern, and indeed blending the two to make something truly unique, is part of the excitement of a new kitchen design. If you would like to learn more, or if you want to get in touch with a design professional, please feel free to contact Jack Rosen online at any time!

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